1969: Ancom Crop Care pioneers the field of Crop Protection in East Asia. It started manufacturing herbicides for the Malaysian market.

1976: A timber preservatives production unit is added, including a plant for the synthesis of arsenic acid.

1984: Another herbicide plant is added to synthesis Diuron.

1989: Listed in Main Board Kuala Lumpur under Industrial Products.

1990: 2,4-D synthesis plant is added to expand our range of products.

1994: Glyphosate is added to complete our herbicide range which includes Glyphosate Monoammonium, our own utility-patent formulations.

2006: With 37 years in the agrochemical industry, Ancom Crop Care has an annual sales revenue of about USD 20 million. It exports over 50% of its output to over 50 countries worldwide. This growth is particularly noted in Asia Pacific & Central America due to our competitive advantages and strong leadership. Currently has over 120 products registered for the domestic market.

2008: Ancom enter an agreement with MPOB to develop and commercialize glyphosate product formulated with palm-oil based adjuvant.

2010: Ancom signed a technology transfer agreement with MPOB on palm-oil based adjuvant for glyphosate herbicide formulations.

2011: The MSMA plant is expanded by building new evaporators to increase the production by 30%.

2012: Ancom will be signing a technology licensing agreement with Malaysian Cocoa Board to commercialize a bio pesticide product originated from entamopathogenic fungal for the control of insect pest (R & D product of Malaysian Cocoa Board).

Credentials, accreditations:

ISO/IEC 17025
EPA approval for USA export products